Gymnetics Fitness is a total-body group training facility that concentrates on helping you create a fun fit vibrant life.

It will not take you long to realize we are a gym that focuses on wellness from the inside out. Physical Fitness is the first step to a life of happiness.

The benefits of being a member goes far beyond exercising. You will become linked with others that share the same common goal from all walks of life. That goal is to help one another reach their goals by motivation and empowerment.

Our mission is to assist you in realizing that a healthier lifestyle starts from the inside out.

We concentrate on your overall well being and give you total therapy for your body.

Whether it is Group Training, Personal Training or our Online Classes find out what the Gymnetics Fitness Experience can do for you today!

No Refunds for “One-On-One Personal Training” Under No Conditions. 30 Days from start day to complete full amount of sessions. 

Gymnetics Fitness
3220 Butner Road Suite 260 Atlanta, GA 30331